The Difference

Invoicetrack's unique combination of software and services generates substancial benefits for your organization:

"Touchless" Automation

With Invoicetrack automation means the complete processing of the incoming invoices, without manual intervention in the accounting. Our starter package contains a comprehensive analysis of the automation potential.

Pay Per Posting (posted Invoice)

With Invoicetrack you only pay for the delivered end-result: the posted invoice. You cover the entire process for a fraction of what you're paying today. There is no charge for partial results and there is no fee per user.

Frees up IT Budget and IT Resources

Our customers can reap the benefits of state-of-the-art Accounts Payable process automation without the need to build up and maintain expensive in-house resources, without hiring IT experts and without the need for external consultancy. However, your IT-Department may want to integrate the Invoicetrack on-demand service with your corporate IT-Strategy. The role of your IT-Team includes monitoring key performance indicators of your AP process and supporting the integration of Invoicetrack with your ERP or financial system.

Our Approach

Invoicetrack is a complete solution for AP Automation. It goes beyond E-Invoicing or Workflow offerings and covers the entire AP invoice process. It provides all the required modules and functions to realize a highly efficient and controlled AP process end-to-end: E-Invoicing, Document Scanning, Data Capture, Data Matching, Approval Workflow, and Posting. Invoicetrack solves the problem without creating a new one for your IT department. An invoice processing solution operated in-house requires a complex setup and continuous maintainence and adaption by experts trained in proprietary technologies and products.