For our location near Vienna, we are looking for committed employees. We are a high-tech but down-to-earth company. We have high goals but act conservatively. We focus on our long term strategy and in the process we often let short term opportunities pass by. We have a clear vision and no intention to waste our time and resources doing little things.

We envision a business world with new types of smart, user friendly tools and services taking care of routine work. We support business people and we enable them to invest their time in interesting and important stuff to be more productive and – hopefully – happier too. Our solutions look simple from the outside, have a clear user interface backed by strong data processing and novel machine learning applications to deal with the unavoidable complexity of real-world business tasks.

Automation Lab

Work in the areas of Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, and Rule Engines. Develop algorithms to solve real-world business tasks. Cooperate with colleagues from platform development and user interface design. You already should be familiar with some of the concepts of pattern recognition and machine learning, and be an expert in C++, C#, or Java. You have specific experience, or perhaps you already played with “learning” algorithms.

Or, you are just a talented developer and feel highly motivated to learn about these cutting-edge technologies and their practical application.

Software Platform and Architecture

Work with a team of experienced engineers on the design, implementation and ongoing improvement of our service platform which is used by tens of thousands of users (and soon more). Platform development at Springtime involves work with databases, object-relational mapping, process automation engines, authentication, authorization and other security components - and much more. You should be experienced in developing larger software systems in C# or Java. You have worked extensively with databases (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL) and are familiar with network protocols, Web services and major principles of security. You have a strong analytical ability to solve problems independently.

User Interface Design

esign User Interaction concepts. Create new user interfaces that present complex things clearly. - Implement Web-based user interface software based on state-of-the art techniques. Work with your colleagues from the server side - automation and platform. Have fun doing it all. You should be familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and have an understanding for clear user communication and efficient user interactions. You have a talent for creating visually appealing and easy to use graphical user interfaces.

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